Institute of Physics to host ‘The Physics of Cricket’ session

The Institute of Physics will be hosting a live session on “The Physics of Cricket on Wednesday 14 June at The 3aaa County Ground.

The event which is free to enter will see speakers Simon Edwards and Nigel Huish try and prove that cricket is the best game in the world as it involves the most physics.

They will be testing the hypothesis in front of a live audience in The 3aaa Pavilion, refreshments are available from 18:30pm with the event starting at 19:00pm.

Cricket is complex in a physical sense due to the many variables which come into play. The ball interacts with the air in flight, with the ground when it pitches, and with the bat when a shot is played.

The ground conditions and weather influence the game more strongly than any other popular sport.

Some of these interactions are hard to explain but the presenters will attempt to describe some of the physics behind these interactions and hope to increase the level of understanding of physics.

If you wish to book please click HERE.

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