10 common mistakes to avoid for your wedding day

Here at the Derbyshire Experience, we want you to have the best possible Wedding Day whether you choose to have it at The 3aaa County Ground or elsewhere.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled our Top 10 list of common mistakes that brides make with regards to their Wedding.

Not leaving enough time to do your hair and make-up
This is your special day. Make sure that your hair dresser and make-up artist leaves as much time as possible for you on your big day.

Buying accessories before you’ve even bought your dress
Don’t get caught in the excitement of wedding planning and go and buy anything for your outfit before you’ve even got your dress. We’re 99% sure you’ll realise after you’ve bought your dress that everything else doesn’t match!

Not involving your hubby-to-be
Yes, this is your big day. It is, however, also his big day. Let him be as involved in the planning as he likes. Getting him to sort out the suits, booze and honeymoon are our best ideas.

Paying all that money for food and not eating any of it
We know you can get caught up in all the excitement of the day but you need to make sure you’re eating that lovely food you’ve paid for. Do you really want to pass out when you’ve supposed to having your first dance with the man of your dreams?

Doing those stupid poses for photos
A recent trend has seen a lot of newly-weds posing for ridiculous photos that seem hilarious at the time. Imagine yourself looking at them in five years’ time and think again.

Forgetting to get yourself a manicure
Even if your not a nailsy sort of woman, it is essential to get a manicure before your wedding. Those finger nails will be photographed 1,000,000 times throughout the day and bitten nails just won’t do.

Having too long between the ceremony and the reception
Yes, you need to give enough time for the photos to be taken but do your guests really want to be sat around for hours? Don’t let anybody get bored on what should be the best day of their year, at least.

Being too strict, or not strict enough, on the social media policy of your day
You need to decide in advance whether you’re ok with your friends posting photos of the day on Facebook before you get your official photos. Either decision is fine, but you need to make it clear to everyone beforehand to avoid any mess-ups on their part.

Not giving your table plan enough time and consideration
So he used to be with her but she used to be with him… All those buried away ex-relationships and old fights need to be carefully considered when making your table plan. The last thing you want is to have your day ruined by a big argument.

Forgetting to ask somebody to bring your luggage to the wedding
Don’t forget, you’re going straight on holiday after this! Riding off into the sunset with your perfect man. It should not be your responsibility to lug your luggage to the wedding so ask a friend to do so for you.

After all that, we are confident that nothing can stop you having an amazing day so why not have it with us?

The 3aaa County Ground is a leading venue for Derbyshire Weddings and provides a quintessential backdrop for weddings all year round.

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