Preparing for an out of office meeting

Whether you are travelling to another province or abroad for a product launch, brainstorm session or business meeting with foreign offices, it is always smart to be well prepared. We are a leading conference centre in Derby, located just minutes away from Derby Train Station and can offer great facilities and function rooms.

We have collated a checklist so that you don’t go into a business meeting looking like a fish out of water!

Know the subject
As simple as the sub-headline suggests. Even if you are not an active participant in the event like a speaker or decider, you need to know the ins and outs of the subject. Any representative of the company needs to be able to answer questions to those who are new to your company or to the subject.

How to choose the right meeting room for you
Before the meeting takes place, think about why this venue or location was chosen. In what way is this room different to the norm? People often feel that the room that has been chosen often reflects the mindset of the business so make sure that you are choosing the right venue that properly represents you. At The 3aaa County Ground we believe we have found the perfect balance between a fantastic professional environment that also allows for a relaxed atmosphere for our guests.

Think and work outside the box
Being away from the office gives you the opportunity to work different than usual and get out of the mundane atmosphere of the office. This gives you a great advantage when setting up a business meeting. Step away from just the bog standard PowerPoints and use more traditional methods like whiteboards, markers and brainstorming. A different way of working, usually leads to different and innovative solutions and we hope you find them during your Derbyshire Experience.

Make sure you bring something to the table
It is highly appreciated when you bring something extra to the table and actually contribute to your meeting. To make sure there is time to discuss your ‘little extra’ you should probably announce your idea to the person that is in charge of the programme.

We hope you have found our guide helpful and we look forward to welcoming you to The 3aaa County Ground for what we hope to be a successful business meeting for you.

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