Make your wedding stand out at The 3aaa County Ground

It’s your turn to walk down the aisle and you want your wedding to stand out from the rest, to do something more, something unforgettable and unique; so how do you make your wedding the best wedding ever without breaking the bank?

Here are a few ideas for little touches which will make your wedding day a standout celebration…

Keep Things Short and Sweet

If you don’t want your guests to be bored at your wedding keep everything short and sweet. Ceremony, speeches, toasts and even the time between each event should be kept brief; there won’t be any dull moments or the impression of things dragging.

First Dance Confetti Shot

The first dance as Mr and Mrs is always something special, but to make it even more notable why not add an extra special touch by dropping confetti from the ceiling? This will ensure memorable photos too!

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Dancing all night on high heels? No way! Provide flip flops for ladies so they can take their shoes off. Worried that it might get breezy? Offer your guests cosy blankets or pashminas. Anticipate their needs with an emergency-kit in the ladies bathrooms, with sun cream protection, mints, plasters, hair spray, handy wipes and so on. They will be grateful for such thoughtful touches!

Play with Lights

Don’t underestimate the effect of the correct use of lights. We’re not just talking candles and tea lights, which can indeed change a simple setting into a magic and romantic one; more colourful lighting effects projected on the walls, creating a sophisticated and warm atmosphere. You can choose to have lights matching the colour of your wedding – nobody will forget it!

Entertainment for Everyone

As I said before nobody wants their wedding guests to be bored. Dancing is not for everyone, and people who aren’t keen on it may prefer interactive elements such as lawn games, board games, ice breaker games, a photo booth, or even a treasure hunt. They will be actively involved, and even the shyest of your aunts might pose for a picture with silly sun-glasses and a feather boa, or play ring toss or tic-tac-toe.

First Impressions Count

If you really want to impress your guests, take time to think out your entry-way. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on flower arrangements, but think of something that draws people’s attention: an unconventional table plan (avoid the easel), adding some flowers to the escort card table, a table with pictures of your family or love story, your parents’ wedding albums – this will engage your guests emotionally.

Signage and Personalised Details

You could indicate each area with personalised signage, particularly if your wedding is taking place outside. One for the reception area, the photo booth, the guest book and so on.

The secret is to make your wedding personal, follow your theme and make guests know you and your husband-to-be from every choice you make; from music, colours, entertainment, flowers… express yourselves. Think about your personalities and interests, and translate them into unforgettable details. Tell your story using many little touches that will really make the difference.

Choreographed First Dance Routine

And last, but not least… if you are a keen dancer… a choreographed first dance! There’s no need to take dance lessons, and no, we’re not talking about the standard waltz. If both of you love music and feel confident dancing in front of people, why don’t you perform a short routine copying the moves from a famous band’s music video?

From a fully draped marquee for a lavish affair to an intimate affair in our newly reformed modern Pavilion Suite we are a perfect wedding venue where your imagination is the only limitation.

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